Open and edit documents on a server directly within
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Solving the Workflow on iOS

Integrated with Office apps for network document editing

Running inside document editing apps FileBrowser allows you to access your network documents just like you would from a desktop or laptop. FileBrowser for Business works great with the apps listed above, or any apps that support iOS Document Provider Extensions.

How does it work?

How does it work?

With FileBrowser for Business running in the background, use Word, Excel or another editor to open and update a file. For example, using Word just tap the 'More' button and select 'Locations'. Tap FileBrowser for Business and you now have access to all your computers and cloud storage. Select the file you want to edit, make your changes and it saves back automatically to the same network or cloud folder.

Show me how

What happens if I start editing and go offline?

If you go offline while editing a document, FileBrowser for Business will store your updated files in a folder called 'Pending Uploads'. Your documents are always safe.

When you're back online, open up FileBrowser for Business and tap the 'Pending Uploads' folder. Tap a file to upload the changes back to the server or cloud storage.

You can also save a copy of an edited file to a new location if the original one is unavailable.

Screenshot showing pending uploads

FileBrowser for Business offers exceptional features to access your business documents.
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