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FileBrowser integrates with other apps using the iOS 'Open In' feature. This allows you to retrieve documents, pass them to another app to edit and then save them back to any remote location. Edit your documents with Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or DocsToGo. When finished, pass the document back to FileBrowser for local or remote storage..

Open In... with Pages, Numbers or Keynote

Step 1

Tap the file context menu next to the file you want to open and select "Open In..." from the menu.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Step 2

Select "Copy to Pages" from the menu. Pages will launch.

Step 3

Pages now holds a copy of your document. You can now edit it and pass it back to FileBrowser.

Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

Step 4

From viewing a file in Pages tap the share icon then "Open in Another App".

Step 5

Choose a format to export your document as.

Then tap "Choose App" and select "Copy to FileBrowser" from the list.
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6

Step 6

This will open FileBrowser. Navigate to where you want to save the file and tap the action menu icon and select "Paste" from the Menu.

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