Secure Simple Sharing

We have stopped development on our NetPortal App, and FileBrowser is its replacement, to find out more about FileBrowser here.

Important News

Our iPad app, FileBrowser, offers more features than NetPortal and is now a Universal app. It will therefore run on both the iPad and iPhone. FileBrowser will require a minumum version of iOS 4.2, but we will continue to provide NetPortal for iPhone users who are still using iOS 3.

What is it?

NetPortal is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPhone to access and copy files from remote computers including Windows, Mac, and Network (NAS) drives.

You can browse machines on your WiFi network and view documents, photos or stream movies directly to the iPhone. Transferred files can be stored within NetPortal to take with you.

How does NetPortal work ?

NetPortal connects to your computer or Network Accessible Storage device over WiFi or 3G using the SMB file transfer protocol, which means no third party software is needed.

3G connection requires that you have a VPN installed, or SMB port-forwarding configured.

Is it easy to setup?

A little knowledge of home networking helps, but if you don't have any experience of this, we have created an interactive troubleshooter which should have you connected in no time.

Is it Secure?

Yes. NetPortal is able to connect to any supported networked computer or NAS drive for which you have a valid username and password. It will never send an unprotected password over the network.