Why Choose FileBrowser?

11th November 2014

The App Store has many file browsing apps. Here we take a look at some of the features that set FileBrowser apart from other file browsing apps.

Document Viewing
RTF support No No Yes
Image Viewing
NEF(raw) Image Support
Although sample app 2 claims support, you can see the quality from this screenshot.
No Yes Yes
AirPlay Image Support (Not Mirroring) No No Yes
Chromecast Image Support No No Yes
Video Viewing
Stream to another app
This does not copy another version of the file into the other app.
No No Yes
AirPlay Video Support (Not Mirroring) No No Yes
Chromecast Video Support No No Yes
Audio Listening
OPUS Support No No Yes
FLAC Support No No Yes
Audio Playlist Yes No Yes
AirPlay Audio Support (Not Mirroring) No No Yes
Chromecast Audio Support No No Yes
View Files Remotely
Copy or move files directly from anywhere to anywhere.
For example from Dropbox to GoogleDrive or from Dropbox to your computer
No Yes Yes
Seamlessly view files without having to manually download them to your iPad first. No Yes Yes
File View Options
List / Grid and Column view modes No No Yes
Content Search
Find GoogleDrive docs using a content keyword search No No Yes
File / Folder / Sub Folder Search
Search SMB No Yes Yes
Search OneDrive No No Yes
Search Dropbox No Yes Yes
Search Box No Yes Yes
Search Webdav No Yes Yes
Search FTP Yes
Bookmark folder locations No Yes Yes
Storage Connections
FTP Yes No Yes