FileBrowser Professional

FileBrowser Professional 5.5 now connects to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint servers. Available on the AppStore

26nd November 2014

With more than 750,000 users worldwide FileBrowser lets you access all your documents on your corporate file servers and easily transfer them to and from cloud storage.

FileBrowser Professional Connects to:

  • Windows Server 2000 or later
  • OneDrive for Business (Office 365)
  • Sharepoint 2013 or later
  • PC - Windows XP or later
  • NAS Drives
  • Box
  • GoogleDrive
  • Mac OSX
  • TimeCapsule
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive (SkyDrive)
  • WebDAV
  • FTP


Copy from anywhere to anywhere Copy documents from your iPad/iPhone to any machine or cloud storage or from any machine to any machine. FileBrowser gives you the freedom to manage your documents wherever they are.

Offline storage Store documents on your iPad/iPhone for offline viewing. All data is encrypted using iOS hardware-based encryption.

Instant Access Bookmark frequently used folders or files on remote storage and navigate to them with a single tap.

Remote Access to your files. Connect over a VPN for mobile access. From coffeeshop WiFi, a client's network, or over a cellular network, connect to your company network.

Built for Business

FileBrowser Professional has the security and flexibility to meet the needs of your organization and can be configured to comply to your corporate security polices.

MDM Support Deploy FileBrowser and configure all of its features centrally. Lock down options to comply with security policies and automatically provision connection settings for corporate storage systems.

Flexible Security Control how data is shared, which storage locations can be accessed, and control all of FileBrowser's features to comply with your corporate security policies.

Whatever your requirements, FileBrowser is designed to make it easy to fit in with how you work.

Bulk Purchase FileBrowser is available under Apple's Volume license programme. The Volume Purchase plan is now available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Details here.

Educational Discount on FileBrowser is available when purchasing in bulk.. More info here.