Open and edit documents on a server directly
within Office and iWork apps on your iPad

Step 1

Make sure you have your connections set up in FileBrowser for Business, such as Computers, File Servers and Cloud storage accounts.

Ensure you have FileBrowser for Business running in the background before trying the next steps.

Make sure you hav econnections setup in FileBrowser for Business

Step 2

Start Word or another editor and select 'Open' then 'More'

Step 2 start word

Step 3

Select 'FileBrowser Biz' then 'Network Folders'. If FileBrowser Biz isn't listed, please launch the Files app, tap Edit and enable FileBrowser Biz, then switch back to here.

Step 3 Select Locations, then FileBrowser for Business

Step 4

In 'Network Folders' you now have access to folders and files on all available connections

Step 5 Access your network locations

Step 5

Tap through to the desired folder and open the file to edit

Step 6 Open your file to edit

Step 6

When you've finished editing, tap the back arrow in the top left corner and FileBrowser will save your document back to the original folder.

Step 7 Your document saves back to your original folder

FileBrowser for Business offers exceptional features to access your business documents.
Volume Purchases: Are available from Apple's Volume Purchase Program

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