Sync documents to your iPad/iPhone

Sync multiple folders from any of your storage locations to your iPad/iPhone

Choose folders from cloud storage, Mac or PC to sync to your iPad/iPhone.

Offline synced content is not just for viewing

Offline synced contents are not just for viewing!

Any changes you make to your synced documents offline can later be synced back to your computer when you next connect.

Automatically backup your documents

Automatically backup your iPad documents

FileBrowser is a great place to store files you need when on the go. Now you can protect this automatically with backup to any of your remote storage connections.

Create multiple backups of your iPad documents

Automatically backup your entire Photo Library, or choose selected folders such as Favourites, Selfies, or Albums.

Safety in numbers

Create multiple backups of your documents for increased protection.

Open and Edit documents on a server

Further protect your Mac or PC using Backblaze Personal Backup.

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Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.