Playlists Export

Import your iTunes playlists

If you have playlists already set up in iTunes simply export them and pass them to MusicStreamer.

  • Open up iTunes and click the File menu, select Library and then Export Playlist.
  • Make sure the Format is set to M3U8.
  • Export the playlist to your desktop or another location.
  • Then email your playlist files to yourself. Press and hold the attachments on your iPad then in the dialog choose 'Copy to MusicStreamer'.
    Alternatively use FileBrowser to pass them directly.
  • Now you have your iTunes playlist available in MusicStreamer.

Export your playlists to use in iTunes

You can also create your playlists in MusicStreamer and export them to use in iTunes.

  • In MusicStreamer press the playlist menu and select "Export for Mac" or "Export for PC".
  • Choose an app to pass it to, such as FileBrowser.
  • In iTunes Import your new playlist file.