How to Scan and Play your Entire Music Catalog Regardless of iPad or iPhone Storage Space

Step 1

Using MusicStreamer for iPad or iPhone, scan for your computer.

Screenshot 1

Step 2

Select your computer from the list.

If your computer doesn't appear please try our connection help pages here.

Screenshot 2

Step 3

Enter your login Details to connect to your machine.

Screenshot 3

Step 4

MusicStreamer will automatically find your music folder, if it doesn't tap the 'Go up a folder' button and navigate to where your music is stored. Then tap Done.

Screenshot 4

Step 5

MusicStreamer will start to scan your music library bringing in all the albums and tracks first.

Screenshot 5

Step 6

It will then scan your track data pulling in detail such as Album art and track duration etc. You are now set to play your entire music catalog without using iTunes or running out of space on your device. You may use MusicStreamer whilst it's scanning. You may also stop the scan and restart it later - you don't need to wait for the scan to complete in one go.

Screenshot 6