Create a ZeroTier account and network

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Creating a ZeroTier network

Create a free account at

Creating a free account

On the 'Networks' page, click 'Create New Network'.

change settings

A network will be created with a random name. Click on it to change its settings.

change the short name

Your screen should like the screenshot above. The 'Network ID' will be used later and uniquely identifies this network.

  1. You can change the Short Name to anything you wish.

  2. Ensure that "Certificate (Private Network)' is selected, as this means that only devices that you authorize can connect to this network.

assign an IP address

We now need to assign an IP address range for this network. This will allow devices to identify each other when they communicate.

  1. Tick the "Auto-Assign from Range" box.

  2. Ensure that the "Easy" tab is selected.

  3. Select one of the address ranges from the grid. I've used the first one "10.147.17.*".

That's it. Your network has been created. Keep this browser page open for now, because we will be needing it to authorize each device that we connect to this network.

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