Copy files from iPhone to iPad

Copy folders and files from iPhone to iPad

Copying files or entire folders can be done with AirDrop, but if you want to browse, copy and even rename documents on another other iPad then you can use FileBrowser's iPad connection wizard.

AirDrop documents into FileBrowser


To use AirDrop from FileBrowser, tap a file or folder's context menu or select several files and choose "Share" from the toolbar menu. Now select "AirDrop" and choose from the list of devices to start the transfer. On the other device you'll need to tap Accept, and then select an app to save the files or folders in.

FileBrowser's built-in file server

If you want to browse, copy or even rename files or folders on another iPad then follow these steps on how to enable it and connect to it:

Open up an iPad or iPhone for sharing its content:

  • From FileBrowser's "Home" screen, tap "+ Add Location"
  • Select "iPad/iPhone"
  • Tap "Start server on this device"

You can stop the server on this device at any time by tapping on this icon to the right of the path breadcrumb.

Now connect from your other iPad or iPhone, so switch devices and follow these steps:

  • From FileBrowser's "Home" screen, tap "+ Add Location"
  • Select "iPad/iPhone"
  • Tap "Next" and wait for the shared device to appear
  • Enter the user name "fb" or "filebrowser" and the password (if you haven't yet set one on the other device in its Config, leave the box empty)
  • Tap the newly created location to connect and browse.
Estimated Time: 5 minutes
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