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Easy Setup


Scan your WiFi network for computers or network drives.


Connect and Log in. No additional software is needed.


Start browsing your files from your iPad or iPhone.

Connect to







Time Capsule



Network Drives


Google Drive











Link to cloud storage with multiple accounts, essential if you have more than one Dropbox account. You can also access Amazon S3, Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business with FileBrowser for Business.

Get Organized

FileBrowserGO gives you everything you need to keep your files effortlessly organized:

Get Organized, FileBrowserGO context menu

Move, edit, delete, rename and copy. Download files from the web and paste them wherever you choose. Fully supports iOS11 drag and drop and iPad split-screen.

All your connections become available in the Files app

In-Place Document Editing

FileBrowserGO allows you to access all your connections from iOS11 Files and other apps. Open and edit documents on your computer or cloud directly from Word or Pages or any of the office and Mac suite. Changes are saved automatically.

Blazingly fast

Create bookmarks to your favorite locations & folders. Use the Quick Access Tabs to connect and browse to a favorite folder with a single tap.

Powerful search

Browse and search your folders quicker than Windows or Mac. Document content search also supported within GoogleDrive.

Annotate PDFs and images

Use the built-in annotation tools for PDFs and images, or use the iOS11 annotation tools to add notes, drawings or highlight text.

Stream your movies and music

No need to sync with iTunes or run out of space

Stream movie files or listen to music, both with AirPlay and Chromecast support. Use our built-in viewers or stream video to other apps.

Photo viewer

Browse your photos wherever they are stored and display them on your TV or projector using AirPlay or Chromecast. Easily flick through holiday snaps or use the built-in slideshow feature.

Stream Movies & Music
Out of the Office

Sync folders

Keep on-iPad copies of selected network files and folders available offline and always up to date. Edit a file and the changes will automatically be saved back to computer or cloud when you're next connected.

Security and encryption

FileBrowserGO securely stores your passwords in the iOS keychain and uses iOS encryption features to protect your local content.

Why should I Subscribe?

Premium support

Step by step help is available on our web pages but you can also email us. Unlike most other app developers we will always respond to your emails.

More features

Now you can do more than ever with FileBrowserGO, connect to more kinds of servers and be more productive with advanced file management actions.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our apps and want you to have the best experience. With your support FileBrowserGO will keep getting better.

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