Connect to:

Simply Tap "Add Location" on the homescreen and follow the setup.
If you are having difficulty connecting click one of the links below to see our step by step instructions on how to get connected:

FileBrowser Locations Screen

Connect to your Storage

Connect to your WebDAV server with your iPad


Connect to your FTP / SFTP server with your iPad


GoogleDrive with TeamDrive support

Google Drive
Team Drive

Copy files from Dropbox to other sources

Dropbox Business

Copy files from Box to other sources


Access all your OneDrive from your iPad


Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription
Connect to SMB3 with FileBrowserGO


Connect to your BackBlaze drive with FileBrowserGO

BackBlaze B2

Connect to your pCloud drive with FileBrowserGO


Connect to your Wasabi drive with FileBrowserGO


Connect to Amazon S3 web services with your iPad


Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription
Connect to your OneDrive for Business with FileBrowser for Business

OneDrive for Business

Connect to your SharePoint drive with FileBrowser for Business


Add your favourite connections in FileBrowser


Add your Favourite locations to the top of the Home Screen, speeding up your workflow. Drag Favourites to re-order them.


View your documents in a tabbed environment

Having multiple Tabs open can speed up your productivity. Simply copy files from one tab to another.

Create a new Tab by tapping the "+" icon next to the first Tab and navigate to any of your storage locations.

You can even drag and drop files between your open Tabs.


Tap the Recent icon which displays folders that you have recently interacted with.

View your recently accessed folders

Split View

To create the split view drag a Tab to the far right of the screen. Now you have 2 instances of FileBrowser, and can easily browse and drag and drop files between them.

Create multiple windows in FileBrowser

Drag and Drop

Single File Drag Drop

Press and hold a file, then drag the file into either another windows or tab.

Multi File Drag Drop

Tap "Select" in the top right corner, now you are in multi-selection mode and can select many files and folders. Double tap to select a range of files. Then drag one of the selected files into either a new window or tab. See the Multi-select section.

Please Note

If you drag files to somewhere on the same location you will move the files.

If you drag files to another location the files will be copied.

Stream Movies & Music

Folder View Options

FileBrowser remembers the View mode, Sort order and even Zoom level, per folder. Perfect for Photos or Files.


Single column showing file details.


Grid of icons or image thumbnails.


Two or three columns showing file details.


Large preview, with menu off to the side.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

The grid view uses image thumbnails. To enable thumbnails go to the Config > Storage/Thumbnails Page and select "On Screen" or "All".


Sort by one of the options below in either ascending or descending order.

  • Sort by Name
  • Sort Folders First
  • Sort by Date
  • Sort by Size
  • Sort by Type

File Actions Menu

This can be accessed via the file actions menu to the right of your files.

View / Print

This views files using an alternate viewer. Tapping the menu button in this mode allows you to print your document.

Markup / Print

This views files using an alternate viewer with annotation features. Tapping the menu button in this mode allows you to print your document.

Edit In Place

Open a file into another editing app, your changes will be saved back to it's location.

Show me how

Open as Text

Open the file and treat it as containing only text.


Copy a file.

How to use multiple select


Move a file to selected folder.


Make a duplicate of the current file.


Rename the file or folder.


Delete a file or folder.


Share your file to another app, including via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or iMessage etc.

GoogleDrive Share

If you have shared a folder from GoogleDrive you can manage that list here.


Export a file to a folder of another app.

Email Attachment

Attach a file to an Email.

Zip this Folder

Create a Zip file of the selected folder.

Create PDF

Convert an Image into a PDF file.

Queue Audio

Add a music track to the now playing list.

Queue to Chromecast

Queue a movie file to play on a Chromecast device.

Stream to Another App

Stream video files to a third party app such as VLC or GoodPlayer.

Create Slideshow

Create a slideshow from the selected folder.

Show me how

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Create a Sync Task

Setup a Sync Task to copy files and folders to your iPad / iPhone.

Show me how

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Create a Backup Task

Setup a Backup Task to copy files or folders from one destination to another.

Show me how

Create a File Link

Create a UNC path link or a FileBrowser URL which can be used to launch FileBrowser in iOS.

Create file links that you can email or paste into a folder. Also see the "Create HomeScreen Link" section below to learn how to make a shortcut icon on your desktop.

Add Voice Shortcut

Create a phrase to Bookmark a folder, and simply repeat this phase to Siri, FileBrowser will open, connect and navigate to your chosen folder.

File Context Menu
USB Features

USB Drives

Simply plug in your USB drive and tap "USB Drive" on your home screen then select your Drive from the picker. You can now manage and browse all the contents on your USB drive like any other location.

Premium Features require a FileBrowser for Business #

SanDisk iXpand Drive

An easy way to free up storage on yoru iPad / iPhone is to keep large files on a SanDisk iXpand drive. Simply plug it in and it will appear as another location in FileBrowser.

*FileBrowser for Business feature

Browse and Copy from Device to Device

Copy from iPad to iPad

Easily Transfer files from your iPad to another iPad or even an iPhone.


The easiest method is with AirDrop and FileBrowser allows you to drop entire folders as well as files.

  • Tap the file or folder context menu and select "Share"
  • Then tap AirDrop
  • Select the device you wish to share with from the list.
AirDrop your folders and files

WebDAV Server

If you want to access the "My Private Files" section of FileBrowser from another device then use the WebDAV server using these steps:

Both devices need to be running FileBrowser

On the Host device:

  • Tap "Home" in the breadcrumb trail
  • Tap "Add Location"
  • Select "iPad/iPhone"
  • Then "Start server on this device".

On the Client device:

  • On the second device perform the same steps but tap "Next" instead of "Start server on this device".
  • The first device will appear when the Scan has finished.
  • Enter your credentials then tap "Save".

Multi File Select Mode

Step 1

Click the "Select" button on the top toolbar or press and hold a file or a folder to enter multi select mode.

Step 2

Then select the files and or folders you want.

You can also select groups of files by tapping the first file then double tapping the last file, all files in between become selected.

Then tap copy or tap the toolbar to access more options such as Move, Delete, Share, Create Zip and Rename.

  • Choose Copy/Move and go to step 3.
  • Choose Delete (you will always be asked to confirm).
  • Cancel multi-selection mode by tapping the "Cancel" button.

Step 3

Navigate to where you want your files or folders to be copied / moved and tap link in the top right corner "Paste X files here...".

Show me how

Editing documents made easy

Your changes are saved back to the cloud or server

Browse your documents on servers or in the cloud with FileBrowser and within 2 taps you can be editing your documents in Word (Excel & Powerpoint too). When you exit, all your changes are saved back to the server or cloud.

It's this easy
iOS Files App

Files App Integration

FileBrowser integrates with the iOS Files app, providing access to all your documents no matter whether they are in the cloud or on personal computers.

iOS Files app integration
Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Sync Files to your iPad / iPhone

Sync files and entire folders from your computers, servers or the cloud directly to your iPad, keeping the latest files with you.

  • Choose which files or folders you want to Sync.
  • View and Edit local copies when offline.

Follow these steps:

  • Tap a folder context menu and select 'Create Sync Task'
  • This folder will download its contents to your iPad under the new heading 'Sync Files'.
  • You may do this for as many folders as you wish.
  • FileBrowser for Business will periodically update your local files from your file server.
  • Folder sync locations may be configured and deployed via MDM

*FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser for Business feature

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Powerful Backup Tasks

Backup local content to your computer, network drive or cloud storage.

  • Backup Photos, Videos from your Camera roll.
  • Backup files stored within FileBrowser.
  • Backup iCloud files to a Network Drive.

Follow these steps:

  • Tap the context menu of the file or folder, and select "Create Backup Task".
  • Navigate to the location you want to back up the selected file to.
  • Once in the correct folder, tap the "Backup to (Your folder)" option at the top of the dialog. Then confirm your choice.
  • You can check on your Backed up Files under the new Sync Files section on the left.
    • Filter your View to "From iPad"
    • Each entry gives a last updated details.

*FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser for Business feature

Backup your iPhone / iPad Photos

Toolbar Actions Menu

Toolbar Actions Menu

Show Email

Show me the Email with all the Attachments I have added so far.


Paste to complete a copy or move action.

Rename Files

Rename the file or bulk rename multiple files.

Share Files

Share multiple files.

Show me how

Email Attachment

Attach multiple files to an email.

Create Zip File

Compress all files selected into a single zip file.

Create PDF File

Convert multiple images into a single PDF.

Create a Folder

Create a Folder.

Create a Text File

Create a new text file and edit its contents.

Create a Word Doc

Create a new docx file in the current folder.

Create an Excel Doc

Create a new xlsx file in the current folder.

Create a Powerpoint

Create a new pptx file in the current folder.


Import a file from another app's folder or Document Provider.

Download from URL

Download any file from the web. Just copy the URL and paste it into FileBrowser to save a local copy.

Show me how

Paste iOS Clipboard

Paste an image or text thats on the iOS Clipboard into a new file.

Capture from Camera

Take a photo or Video and save it directly into the current folder.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription Document Scanner

Capture to PDF

Take a photo and save it as a PDF into the current folder. Perfect for expenses.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Set Quick Capture Folder

Set the current folder as the capture location when using the camera icon on the locations tab.

Record Audio

Record a voice Memo" to the current folder.

Create Slideshow

Create a slideshow from the images or folders selected.

Show me how


Search folders for files

  • Navigate to the location or folder you want to search, then tap the search icon on the bottom toolbar.

  • Type in the box at the top of the screen.

  • Tap search on the keyboard and you will be asked if you want to search this folder only or all sub folders.

Search while typing

To enable Search while typing turn it on:

  • Tap "Config"

  • Tap "Preferences"

  • Tap "Folder Search"

  • Enable "Search While Typing"

GoogleDrive Icon

Google Drive Searching

Searching on Google Drive not only searches file names but also file contents, making finding your documents a breeze.


Bookmarks and history

Bookmarks are a great feature of FileBrowser. You can use them in two ways: Folder Bookmarks & Document Bookmarks.

Folder Bookmarks

If you have folders on your computer that you use all the time such as My Documents, Photo Library or Movies, add a bookmark to them. These will become your shortcuts and save you time navigating through folders to get to where you want.

Create a Bookmark

  • Tap the Bookmark icon and tap the + icon.

  • You can give it a more memorable name and tap add.

Open a Bookmark

  • Tap the Bookmark icon and your existing Bookmarks are listed.

  • Just tap one and FileBrowser will connect and browse to the Bookmarked folder.

Document Bookmarks

Bookmark folder locations for quick access

If you are reading a long PDF, whether it's a book or a presentation or a legal document, add a bookmark. When you tap that bookmark, FileBrowser will remember the location in the file and open it where you left off.

From this page you can add a Bookmark:

  • Tap the Bookmark icon in the toolbar

  • Then tap '+', for rapid navigation to this file next time.

See the File Actions Menu


Your history of files accessed

FileBrowser automatically remembers the most recently visited files and folders, and with a single tap you can re-open a file or rapidly browse to a folder.

  • Tap the Bookmarks icon in the toolbar

  • Select the History tab.

Siri icon

Siri reminders

The Siri keyword "this" will associate FileBrowser's current document or Folder with the Siri reminder.

For example simply navigate to a folder or file and say "Siri remind me of this tonight" or "Siri remind me of this when I get home" and Siri will create a reminder linked to FileBrowser's current folder or document.

PDF and Image annotation

Annotate your PDFs and Images to make comments, highlight text and use the drawing tools. FileBrowser offers full support for Apple Pencil to make drawing and writing easier on iPad Pro. Once you have finished annotating your document or image FileBrowser will save the new file and keep the original as a backup.

  • Tap the file context menu and select Markup File/Print
  • Tap the annotate icon in the top right, this will display the annotation menu.
  • You have the following tools:
    • Apple Pencil Mode
    • Text
    • Eraser
    • Highlighter
    • Pen
    • Pencil
  • After you have finshed annotating your photo or PDF simply tap "Done" Then "Close".
  • You will be prompted to save the file with a another name, so it wont overwrite your original.

iOS Annotation

If you would like more editing tools you can use iOS annotation by doing the following.

  • Open the Files app
  • Tap the FileBrowser location
  • Tap on a pdf, then tap the pencil icon in the top right
  • Edit the files, once finished tap "Done"
  • The file is automatically saved back to the original location
Annotate your PDFs and Images on iPad
Comic book viewing

Comic book viewing

View your comics collection stored in CBR or CBZ files. View images within any ZIP or RAR file.

  • Simply Tap the comic file and FileBrowser will open it in the comic viewer.

Image Viewing


Chromecast your Photos to your HDTV

To stream your images to a Chromecast device, view your image fullscreen and press the Airplay icon on the toolbar and select your Chromecast device.


Airplay™ your Photos to your HDTV

If you have Apple TV or AirPlay™ enabled media server such as KODI, use FileBrowser to relay your Images to your big screen. View your image fullscreen and press the AirPlay icon on the toolbar and select your device.

Slideshow Icon


Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Create slideshows and save them for later use. You can access them from the home page of the app, simply tap "Slideshows".

To create a Slideshow do the following either:

  • Tap a folder context menu and select "Create Slideshow".

This will create a slideshow of all the images inside that folder and its subfolders.

  • Select multiple images, then tap the Toolbar Actions menu and select "Create Slideshow".

This will create a new Slideshow with only the images you have selected.

To change the delay, transitions and order in the Image Viewer tap the Actions Menu and select Slideshow Settings.

*FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser for Business feature, requires iOS10 or later

Slideshow Options
Image Viewer Actions Menu

Image Viewer Actions Menu

This can be accessed on the top toolbar when viewing an image.

Image Properties

Display your image properties (EXIF data) such as dimensions, color mode, lattitude, camera model etc.


Annotate your images with markers or text tools, then you can save it as a new file.

Slideshow Settings

Change delays and transitions.

More Information

Image Viewer Actions Menu


Share your file via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or iMessage etc.


Send your image to an AirPrint device.

Email Attachment

Attach document or image to an Email, if you have a large image you will be given the option to send a smaller version of the image.


Refresh the current view.

iOS Photos App

Accessing your iPad or iPhone's Photos

You now have access to the photos synced to your iPad or iPhone from iPhoto. Clicking the "Photo Library" heading in the left hand column will allow you to browse the built-in iOS Photo Library.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Backup your Camera Roll to your Computer or your Cloud Storage

Easily backup the Photos and Videos from your iPhone or iPad without iCloud. You can even backup your photos to multiple locations for added piece of mind, just repeat the steps below and setup 2 backup tasks.

  • Tap "Photo Libary" then you can backup either the Camera Roll or the Moments folder by tapping on the Folder Context menu, see the difference below.
    • Camer Roll: This is one folder with all your photos and videos. Exactly like if you tap Albums in the bottom bar of the Photos App and then select Camera Roll.
    • Moments: This is a set of folders with dates and a unique numbers containing your photos.. Exactly like if you tap Photos on the bottom bar of the Photos App.
  • Select "Back"Create Backup Task"
  • Select either your Computer or your cloud storage account.
  • Once inside the folder where you want your backup, tap the "Backup to (your folder name)" at the top of the menu.

FileBrowser's Backup feature will never delete a file in the destination folder.

Live Photos will be exported as a sequence of photos and a short movie file.
Requires you to be on the same wifi as your computer, if backing up to cloud storage any wifi will do.

*FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser for Business feature

Backup iPhone photos over wifi without iCloud

Selecting Multiple Images

You can select multiple images in the image view by tapping the Tick button on each image. Selecting them turns the tick blue like the screenshot. When you have finished you will be returned to the folder view in edit mode where you can choose to copy or delete those images.


When in the image viewer, a double tap will set the zoom level to 1 image pixel to 1px on the iPad / iPhone.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

XMP Review

Update or create new XMP sidecar files for images and rapidly update rejection and star rate your photos.

Step 1

Select an image to enter full screen mode, then tap the 'i' information icon in the top toolbar.

Step 2

You can star rate or reject your photos using the icons in the top of the information panel.

You can also check all your EXIF data to your photographs such as Exposure time, shutter speed etc.

Show me how

*FileBrowser for Business feature

XMP Review

Playing Movies

Playing Movies

Simply tap the Movie file you want to play and it will auto start, tap the center of the screen to pause the video. Once paused you can tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the additional controls.

All video file formats supported by the iPad / iPhone can be streamed. FileBrowser also supports HD content if your WiFi network is fast enough.

Video formats supported include:

MP4 / MOV / M4V / 3GP / 3G2 / AVI

Streaming Videos to Other Apps



GoodPlayer App


Infuse App


AVPlayerHD App

AVPlayer HD

OPlayerHD App

OPlayer HD

Stratospherix has worked with other app developers to better integrate streaming of files unsupported by iOS such as MKV, AVI etc. If you have any of the apps listed above, you will see an option to stream directly to those apps. Simply tap the movie file and select "Stream to another app" and choose from the installed apps.

For other video player apps, use the "Stream to another app" option and FileBrowser will generate a temporary link to the video file. You can then switch to an alternate app and select the option to stream a video from the Internet. When you are prompted to enter a URL, just tap the text entry field and 'Paste' the URL from FileBrowser. Streaming should then start in the other app.

Formats not natively supported can be streamed through FileBrowser to other apps such as VLC or GoodPlayer:


Show me how

Chromecast your Movies to your HDTV

To stream your videos to a Chromecast device press the actions menu on the video you want to play and select "Queue To Chromecast". Chromecast supports MP4 and WebM video formats.

Google Cast Supported Formats

Cast from your computer to your TV

Airplay™ your Movies to your HDTV

If you have Apple TV or AirPlay™ enabled media server such as KODI, use FileBrowser to relay your movies to your big screen, streaming the content over your home network. No need to keep the movies on your iPad.

Show me how

Video Language and Subtitle Selection

If you encoded your videos with other languages switch them by tapping the "L" for Languages or tap "S" to turn on your Subtitles both are located in the bottom right of the toolbar.

FileBrowser will load a "SRT" file with the same name as the movie file.

Video Language and Subtitle Selection

DRM Protected Movies from iTunes

Apple prevent movies purchased from iTunes being streamed to non-Apple apps.

Play music

FileBrowser can play most music file types including FLAC. Featuring several play modes including:

Album mode

Album mode

Play selected track and the remining ones in the folder.

Single mode

Single mode

Selecting a track from a folder queues and plays it once.

Repeat mode

Repeat mode

Play selected track and all others in the folder continuously.

Shuffle mode

Shuffle mode

Play selected track and others in the folder randomly.

Queue tracks

You can play queue tracks to play by pressing the context menu on a track and select "Queue Up". This will place it in the now playing queue.

Edit track order

Re-order queued tracks, Simply tap edit, then drag the tracks into the order you want and tap "done".

Podcasts and Audiobooks

  • You can rewind or fast forward 15 secs at a time
  • Speed Up and slow down track playback. Great for audiobooks.
Airplay   Alexa   Chromecast

AirPlay music to your Alexa or AirPlay speakers

To stream your music to your Alexa device, pair your iPad or iPhone to your Alexa device. For Chromecast or AirPlay devices, tap the icon in the music player and select your device from the list.

MusicStreamer logo


For a dedicated music playing app, try our MusicStreamer app.


Download MusicStreamer from the AppStore

HomeScreen Links

Add an icon to your iPad HomeScreen that opens FileBrowser and navigates straight to a specific location, such as your iMac Documents folder.

  • Use the File actions menu
  • Tap 'Create a Folder Link' then select 'Add to Home Screen'.
  • This will launch Safari where you can add an icon to the HomeScreen.

You can group these icons together just like apps.

Create HomeScreen Link
Create QR Codes
Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

QR and Bar code support

Create QR Codes

You can now use FileBrowser for Business to track assets in your organisation. Perhaps you have banks of servers you need to identify or paper documents to locate in a directory. Print QR code labels on the assets and then find the corresponding server, folder or computer file instantly with FileBrowser's QR Code scanner.

You could also point to any folder or location on your servers.

*FileBrowser for Business feature

Creating a Code

  • Simply tap the Toolbar menu and select "Create a folder link".

  • Then choose "Copy QR Code to Clipboard"

  • Paste your QR Code into an email, document or use "Paste iOS clipboard" to save the code directly to a folder.

Scan QR Codes

  • Use the camera to read a QR Code and jump to a folder.

How does it work?

  • Simply tap the Bookmarks Icon.

  • Tap the QR Code icon and scan your QR Code and tap Use.

Bar Codes

Barcode Search

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Your ERP system may already create barcodes that identify files or folders on the company file system. Tap the search button in FileBrowser for Business and then the barcode button to scan and search.

Enable 'the Barcode Button on Toolbar' setting in Config/Preferences to show a dedicated scan button for rapid access.

*FileBrowser for Business feature


Document Scanner

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

The camera can be used to capture documents with colour correction and automatic edge alignment.

  • Tap the Toolbar actions menu and select "Capture Doc / Photo / Video.
  • Make sure that "Document" is selected as the camera mode.
  • Your document will be saved to your current folder.

*FileBrowser for Business feature


Touch ID Logins

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

With Touch ID you can add an extra level of security when accessing your machines.

  • For each server you wish to protect, tap "Edit" in the top Left.
  • Then tap the cog icon on the server you want to add a touch ID to.
  • Then switch on the Touch ID setting.

Once activated, your fingerprint will be required to access your stored credentials to connect.

*FileBrowser for Business feature

Copy Large Files using iTunes via USB Cable Via Cable

Copy files from iPad or iPhone to your Computer.

In FileBrowser, any files that you have placed in the "On My iPad/iPhone" location will be available to copy from your iPad or iPhone to your computer. Simply drag these from the window in iTunes to a local folder in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.

All versions of macOS prior to macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Step 1

Open iTunes with your iPad or iPhone connected and selected. Click the Device button at the top and select either your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2

Click the "File Sharing" option in the left hand pane.

Step 3

Click the FileBrowser app icon in the right hand pane

Step 4

Now simply drag the files you wish to copy into the right hand pane or click the "Add" button at the base and use the inbuilt document picker.


Choose Your Theme

Choose from one of our multiple light and dark themes. Tap "Config", "Preferences" and then "Change Interface Style".

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.