FileBrowser Suite

File mangement for your iPad

Standard Edition. Learn More

Copy documents from your iPad or iPhone

Premuim features with subscription. Learn More

Professional file access and management for you iPad or iPhone
FileBrowser Professional

For Business and Power Users. Learn More

File management app for school and colleges
FileBrowser for Education

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FileBrowser Por for Mac
FileBrowser Pro for Mac

macOS 10.15 and later. Learn More

The ultimate file management app for large business with complete MDM control
Enterprise Files

Available on iOS and macOS. Learn More

The ultimate file management app for mam and mdm configuration
Enterprise Files for Intune

Available on iOS. Learn More

Open documents, photos, comics and stream movies on your tv
FileBrowser TV

FileBrowser on your AppleTV. Learn More

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Stream your mp3 music collection to your iPad
Stream or download playlists to your iPad without iTunes


Streaming your Personal Music Collection

Learn more about MusicStreamer

Stream your music files directly to your iPad / iPhone, import your playlists and download tracks for offline listening with MusicStreamer.
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Learn more about MusicStreamer for Mac

Stream music from multiple music libraries to your Mac, import your playlists and filter your music and shuffle with MusicStreamer for Mac.
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ShareSpaces Organize your Notes, Projects and Thoughts
The ultimate whiteboard app, create & share them, use several iPads to display them all at once.


Organize your Notes, Projects and Thoughts

Create whiteboards, write notes, pin web pages, documents, images and collaborate in real-time and across multiple iPad screens.
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Manage your computer services remotely with our app ServerControl


Shutdown, Reboot and Manage Services

Manage Windows Services remotely with your iPhone.
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Write over your maps and share them with friends in our app Map Markup

Map Markup

The Easiest Way to Create Custom Maps!

Annotate maps and share them.
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Use our file management SDK with its simple to use APIs and high performance.

FileBrowser SDK

Learn about licensing our file access SDK and what it can do for your app

Simple to Use

Whether you are streaming video files, playing music, editing documents or importing/exporting files, our SDK has everything you need.

High Performance

Our SDK has been developed from scratch to be as fast and efficient as possible on iOS and tvOS.


The SDK doesn't monitor or report any file access performed by your apps or users. We also don't collect any data about users.