Stream that large music library sitting on your computer to MusicStreamer

Dont worry about running out of storage space on your iPad, iPhone


Then Airplay or Chromecast it to your speakers

MusicStreamer is easily one of the best music streaming apps available for the iOS operating system. This app allows simple and automatic synchronization between your device and your PC.
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Music Streamer is a smart, new app that makes local music streaming easier than ever.
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Easy setup

Use our in-app setup wizard to connect to your Mac, Windows, Time Capsule or network drive and browse to your music folder. Music Streamer will do the rest.

Easy Setup Screenshot

Scan your WiFi network for your home computers or network drives.


Connect and Log in. Select your music folder. No third party software is needed.


Start streaming your music and import your playlists. Cast to speakers around the house.

Stream your Music straight to Amazon Echo

Use your Amazon Echo with MusicStreamer, with this simple setup

Follow our Simple Guide Stream your Music straight to Amazon Echo Alexa
Multiple Music Libraries

Import your Playlists

Import your existing playlists saving you hours of time re-creating them or create new ones.

You can even export your new playlists back to iTunes.

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Play Modes

Play modes screenshot
Play mode normal


Play mode repeat all

Repeat All

Play mode repeat song

Repeat Song

Play mode dice


You can filter your library by genre or with a search and then Random mode will pick songs only from your filtered search.

Filter by Genre

I am in the mood for...

Picking by genre can be a great way to start playing whether it's Blues, Jazz, Heavy Metal or Classical especially if you have a large music library.

Download any Track, Album or Playlist

Take your music with you, download any track, album or even entire playlists to listen to while you are away from your home WiFi.

Offline Mode

Love the app

I love this app, it's exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an app to play flax files stored on my nas. This app displays album art, has shuffle, repeat, and an option to view the play list. The interface is extremely user friendly. Tunes sound great when using the app to play. If you're looking for a flac player, I highly recommend this app - it's the best money I've ever spent on an app!

USA App Store - Chap102

5 Stars
Share your music

Share your music with the whole family

If you have many iPhones or iPads in your household, you can now share your entire music library to all those devices.

With Family Sharing enabled for your App Store account, you only need to buy MusicStreamer once and install it on all your devices.

Airplay and Chromecast

Cast your music to your Speakers

Don't want to buy an expensive Sonos system? Use AirPlay or Chromecast to stream to your existing speakers.

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Show me how to setup Chromecast Multi-room

Multi-room support

If you have more than one Airplay2* or Chromecast device, you can stream your music to multiple devices around the house. Use Chromecast Multi-room to setup speaker groups within your home, or simply select multiple Airplay2 enabled speakers and cast to the living room and the kitchen.

*Airplay1 enabled speakers do not have multiple device support.

Show me how to setup Chromecast Multi-room

Exactly What I Needed

If like me you want to stream your music from a NAS this has to be the best player for the iPad. Being able to then stream out to both Apple TV and to Chrome Audio has made this a fantastic app. Well layer out and reliable with just about every feature I can think of.

UK App Store - Pedwards787

Five star rating


Usb drive full of FLAC plugged into router and Apple TV streaming all the audio goodness through a LH geek pulse DAC and into an amp, Joy.

UK App Store - ghingerboy

Five star rating

High Quality Audio formats supported

We support audio formats not natively supported on iOS such as Flac and Opus.

  • Flac

  • Opus

  • Wav

  • MP3

  • M4a

  • AAC

  • AIFF

  • AIF

Gapless playback is supported so you can hear your music as it was meant to be.

Multiple Music Libraries

Multiple music libraries

You can connect to multiple music libraries on many computers or drives. It's easy to switch from your own music to your partner's or a friend's.

Transcribe Songs

Use MusicStreamer to learn to play, transcribe, practice and perform songs by slowing down the speed of music tracks without adjusting the pitch. Great for Music Teachers and budding musicians.

Transcribe Songs

Practice at your pace by adjusting the tempo without affecting pitch.


  • 0.50

  • 0.75

  • 0.90

  • 1.00

  • 1.10

  • 1.15

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Scrobble your tracks

If you like to scrobble your music and let people know what you are listening to you can do that in MusicStreamer. Tap Preferences and simply log in to It's that easy.

Perfect high end audio app for your iPad!

I design audio equipment for a living. I wanted access to my 12T library of cd quality and high res. This works great with external DACS like the AudioQuest DragonFly on all sample rates. It even down samples 24/192 and 24/176.4 to 24/96. Great thanks! Gordon

USA App Store - Wavelengh

5 Stars

Inter-app audio / Audiobus support

Use MusicStreamer as an audio source for inter-app audio or Audiobus.

Feed your music through your Audiobus custom effects processor, amplifier, or equalizer.

Extend the reach of your Audiobus processing sequences to all your music libraries.

AudioBus App AudioBus App