Connecting to Mac OSX

How to share a folder.

  1. Start the 'System Preferences' App
  2. Select 'Sharing'
  3. From the 'Service' list on the left, ensure that 'File Sharing' is ticked (see 1 on screenshot)
  4. Under the 'Shared Folders' list, click +
  5. Choose your music folder to share and click 'Add'
  6. Click the "Options" button (see 2 on screenshot).
Screenshot 1
  1. Ensure that "Share files and folders using SMB" is enabled, because Music Streamer only uses SMB. Make sure your account name is ticked - labelled C in the screenshot.
  2. Click Done.
Screenshot 2

How to configure MacOSX Firewall.

You should now be able to connect Music Streamer to your Mac. If you can't then the MacOSX firewall may be blocking the network.

Use the following steps to navigate to the firewall control screen.

  1. Open System Preferences and click "Security & Privacy".
  2. Click "Firewall".
  3. Click the padlock to make changes.
  4. Click "Firewall Options".
  5. Ensure that "Block all incoming connections" is unchecked.
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

If the scan hasn't worked try adding it manually

  1. Tap the 'Manual Setup' icon that appears after you have started a scan.
  2. Enter your machine name (shown in the screenshot above labelled 'A') or IP address (shown in the screenshot above labelled 'B') and tap 'OK'.
  3. Enter your username and password used to access your Mac. The username is your logon username for your Mac (shown above in the screenshot above labelled 'C').
  4. Choose your music directory. By default Music Streamer will locate your iTunes Music folder. If your music is stored elsewhere on your drive simply locate it and tap 'Done'.
Screenshot 5