Open and Edit documents with the Wasabi app on iPad and iPhone

How to Connect to Wasabi S3 storage from your iPad or iPhone

Wasabi Connection Guide

Easily access your Wasabi documents and files on your iPad or iPhone using FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional's integrated Wasabi access, organise your files and folders in a professional file management app. Follow our simple Wasabi connection guide below.

Download a free trial of FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional to access all your Wasabi S3 storage from your iPad / iPhone.

Add a Wasabi S3 Location

In FileBrowser tap "Add Location" or the "+" icon in the bottom right bar then select "Wasabi S3" from the list of connections.

Enter your Details

Enter your details into the setup wizard to continue:

  • Key - Your account ID.
  • Secret - Your secret key.
  • API URL - This setting may need to be changed if your data is accessed via a different server. Check the documentation from your service provider.
  • Display Name - You may change this to a name of your choice.

Once finished tap "Save".

You are all set. Just tap the Wasabi Machine on the homescreen to access all your files.

Estimated Time: 2 minutes
Please note access to Wasabi is only available in FileBrowserGo and FileBrowser Professional.

Connect to your S3 storage with FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser Professional