Introducing Enterprise Files for Micorosoft Intune

Introducing Enterprise Files for Intune

MDM & MAM Configurable File Access for iOS Devices with Microsoft Intune

Having access to your documents on corporate servers and cloud accounts using company iPads or iPhones is a must, but how do you apply your corporate security protocols to file access when devices are managed remotely?

Enterprise Files for Intune is an enterprise grade file manager app for iPhone/iPad for large scale corporate deployments that can be set up via MDM and configured with Microsoft Intune MAM policies.

Pre-Configure File Management on your Corporate iPad/iPhone Devices with Enterprise Files for Intune

Configure File Access Remotely via MDM

Securely and wirelessly configure file access on your company devices by sending Enterprise Files configuration settings to your enrolled iOS devices. Your MDM can specify whether managed apps can send data to and from unmanaged apps.

Pre-Configure file management on iOS with Intune

Limit Which Apps Have File Access with Intune MAM

Protect your organization data at the application level by configuring Enterprise Files for Intune to limit which apps have access to files and prevent files being used outside your organization.

Enterprise Files for Intune integrates with Intune’s Mobile Application Manager SDK, allowing Enterprise Files to be included in the group of Intune Policy Managed Apps. As an Intune “Policy Managed App” Enterprise Files for Intune has an additional layer of protection in that the Intune App Protection policies can specify that only Policy Managed Apps are allowed to send or receive data to other Policy Managed Apps, forming a secure subset of the MDM Managed apps.

Limit file access with Intune MAM on iOS

Use MAM Policies with Other MDMs

If you are managing your corporate iPad/iPhone devices, deploying apps and app config with a non-Intune MDM system, Enterprise Files for Intune is still able to receive Intune App Protection Policies. When a user signs-in to Enterprise Files for Intune using their corporate Microsoft Account, the MAM policies will be automatically downloaded and applied.

Enterprise Files for Intune Services and Support Package

Enterprise Files for Intune is part of a services and consultancy package to help you provision your iOS devices to comply with your corporate Mobile Security Policies. Our team of developers have developed enterprise software for highly regulated corporations for over 25 years. Our iOS apps are used by large corporations, schools, and financial institutions. We pride ourselves in the quality of our software and the level of support we give. If you would like to speak to us about Enterprise Files for Intune, simply email us at

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