Box OneCloud

FileBrowser Integrates with Box OneCloud

FileBrowser version 2.7 adds Box OneCloud support allowing files to be copied between a NAS, PC, Mac or file server and Box OneCloud with ease.

9th October 2012

We are delighted to announce that version 2.7 of FileBrowser, which will be available on the App Store in December, will include an integration with Box OneCloud.

FileBrowser already allows users to access files on corporate file servers, NAS devices, Macs and PCs and requires no additional server side components to be installed. FileBrowser uses existing access controls and server authentication policies to provide an enterprise grade solution for remote file access. By adding Box OneCloud, FileBrowser will give users the ability to access files stored in the cloud or files on remote servers in one streamlined app and will also allow users to copy multiple files or folders between them with ease.

Jason Crocker, Founder and Director of Stratospherix said, "FileBrowser Version 2.7 will be one of our most important releases to date as it will provide an enterprise-quality bridge between corporate file servers and Box cloud storage and collaboration in one app. We look forward to building on this initial release with even more integrated solutions in the coming months."

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