FileBrowser just got bigger

14th November 2014 FileBrowser 5.5 is out now

FileBrowser 5.5 is out! Our developers have been hard at work updating FileBrowser and FileBrowserGO, which are now available for download.

FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowser with Symantec will follow shortly. This update has support for the new iPhone 6 and 6+, giving you more screen area for your networked and cloud devices.

We also added iOS8 compatibility, so FileBrowser is now tightly integrated into the latest version of Apple's OS. You can import and export files to iCloud, so moving a file from iCloud to your file server, or from your GDrive account to iCloud is easy.

We're also working on an iCloud sync folder, so you'll be able to bulk copy into or out of iCloud in the next update - FileBrowser keeps on getting better!

Download FileBrowser on the AppStore now