New version of MusicStreamer Released.

Music Streamer V6 Released

We've been hard at work updating our well-loved MusicStreamer app and we hope you like the results!

Complete UI Refresh

We recreated the UI so that the thing you focus on the most is your Music Library. We also cleaned up the controls to make MusicStreamer more intuitive and accessible.

Album Cover Wall

We updated all the views in MusicStreamer to you can view your Albums as a wall of covers art or a list. You can now use the pinch gesture to make the artwork bigger or smaller.

Playlist Improvements

A new history playlist that stores the last 50 tracks played.

Save a search result or genre to a playlist.


Built-in Equalizer with over 20 presets.


Pick your own UI colour theme from over 16 million colours.

And much much more...

  • Improved searching.
  • Improved Car View.
  • Added support for all sizes and models of iPhone and iPad.