Shared iPads

When a student picks up a shared iPad they need it to behave as if they were the only user. FileBrowser provides some great features that help users get to their content quickly and easily and help them leave no footprint when they hand the iPad back.

Prevent Storage of Credentials

FileBrowser is able to securely store credentials in the iOS keychain and will also offer to store credentials after successfully connecting to a server. This feature may be switched off in a shared iPad environment so that the next user doesn't inadvertently access the previous user's content.

Single Sign-On

If your content is spread across several file servers, having to enter your username and password every time can be a burden, but credentials can't be stored persistently because the device is shared. FileBrowser's Single-Sign-On feature can help in this situation by pre-filling the popup username/password window with the most recent credentials that were used to successfully connect to a server. The user just needs to tap Connect. These credentials are cleared as soon as the user switches away from FileBrowser.

Shared iPads

Identity-based Folder Paths

FileBrowser is able to substitute a user's name as part of a folder name when connecting to a server. This eases configuration and deployment because %username% may be used instead of a specific username and this means that a common configuration file may be used for all users. For example, the file server path for a user's home folder may be "\\schoolserver\homes\%username%". The specific folder that the user will be taken to when connecting will be based on their username.

Prevent Local Storage

FileBrowser may be configured so that students have access to file servers and their home folder, for example, but may be prevented from storing content within FileBrowser's local folders. This helps prevent iPads with smaller storage capacity from filling up, ensures that all work is saved on the server, and prevents inadvertent access to other student's work.

Prevent Startup Password

It's not nice to lock a device so that the next person can't use it. As part of FileBrowser's comprehensive lock-down features, students may be prevented from setting a FileBrowser startup password.

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