Works well with other apps

FileBrowser for Education provides ways to get to your content quickly and easily, allows you to share content between apps, and provides the bridge between your apps and your file servers.

If your document editing app supoprts the iOS Document Picker FileBrowser's In-Place editing feaure is the easiest way to edit files on a file server.

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Open In

Open In...

The iOS 'Open In...' mechanism passes a copy of a file from one app to another. Invoking Open In within an app displays a popup window listing all apps that have registered with iOS as being able to accept files of this type. The benefit of Open In is that it is easy to use. A downside of it is that a copy of the document/file is made in the target app and this can lead to proliferation and confusion.

Share With Apps

Share With Apps

iOS 8 introduced Document Provider app extensions. A Document Provider in an app such as FileBrowser allows it to provide documents to other apps without leaving the other app, and without making a copy of the document. This means that a document stored within FileBrowser may be edited directly using Apple's Pages or MS Word apps, for example. Simply copy your documents into FileBrowser's 'Share With Apps' location and they will be made available to any app that uses Document Providers, and you no longer need to be connected to the original file server. Once you have finished editing the document, copy the document back to the remote network folder, just as you would if you had edited a document offline on a laptop.

Some apps support both of these sharing methods, whilst others only support one or the other. FileBrowser provides the flexibility to work with all.

URL links to network folders

FileBrowser may be launched via a link in an email or web page. This can be useful for directing people to a particular folder. To create a URL that may be used within an email tap the Action Menu icon at the bottom of the screen in a folder and choose "Create a Folder Link". From the popup window select "Copy FileBrowser URL" and paste this into an email. When the recipient of the email taps on the link and chooses to open in FileBrowser, they will be connected to the server and automatically navigated to the folder. They will need to login with their username/password, as this feature doesn't bypass any file server folder security.

Home Screen Icons

For one-tap access to a folder from the iOS desktop, FileBrowser provides Home Screen icons. To create a Home Screen icon tap the Action Menu icon at the bottom of the screen in a folder, choose "Create a Folder Link" and in the popup window select "Add to Home Screen" and follow the instructions. Home Screen icons may be arranged into groups just like App icons.

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