What is it?

ServerControl allows you to reboot and shutdown your computers as well as control their services remotely from your iPhone, wherever you are.

How does ServerControl work?

ServerControl connects to your computer over WiFi or 3G to directly access the Service Control Manager, which means no third party software is needed.

3G connection requires that you have a VPN installed, or SMB port-forwarding configured.

What is the setup process?

ServerControl allows IT administrators to remotely connect to computers with administrator access and requires some knowledge of networking and general Windows administration. Help is available using our interactive troubleshooter.

Is it Secure?

Yes. ServerControl is able to connect to any supported networked computer or NAS drive for which you have a valid username and password. It will never send an unprotected password over the network.

Why Buy ServerControl

ServerControl doesn't use the RDP protocol, which means that you can connect and reboot your server when all RDP sessions are in use.

Reboot / Shutdown

  • Immediate or delayed shutdown.
  • Choose whether running applications should be forced to close.
  • Choose from 4 editable messages to display to logged on users.
  • Efficient protocol use. Doesn't use RDP.
  • Can re-schedule a reboot/shutdown even if someone else has already scheduled one.
  • Immediate or delayed reboot/shutdown.
  • Windows machines only. Macs can not be rebooted or shutdown with ServerControl.
Feature ServerControl - Free Full Core Features upgrade
Shutdown Computer
List Services
View Service States
View Service's Dependencies
Stop Service
Start Service
Reboot Computer

Service Control Manager

  • View all services.
  • Change the startup type of services (Disabled, Manual, Automatic)
  • Enumeration of dependent services. Even Windows can't do this remotely.
  • Start, Stop and Pause services.
  • Automatically starts/stops dependent services.

Connect Over 3G, Edge

Operates over cellular Network - 3G, Edge, GPRS. Seamless integration with Apple's built-in secure VPN.

Please note you need to set up a VPN or SMB port-forwarding to do this.

Connect Over WiFi

Operates over WiFi at home, in the office or in a coffee shop. (LAN or Hotspot)

When purchasing the Full Core Features Upgrade, as a bonus, basic file-browsing functionality similar to NetPortal will be included, allowing viewing and management of remote files and folders.