Restart and Shutdown Servers

Shutdown, Reboot, Manage Services

Manage your Servers from your iPhone

ServerControl allows you to reboot or shutdown your Windows computers as well as control their services remotely from your iPhone, wherever you are.

Managing Windows servers inevitably means rebooting them, or restarting services, and ServerControl is a very convenient way to do this. If you're out of the office, simply connect over your VPN and initiate a reboot or restart a hung service. ServerControl needs no additional software installed on the remote server.

For home users, if you stream videos to your iPad whilst in bed, use ServerControl to shut down your PC afterwards.


Forced Shutdown

Delayed Shutdown

Set a machine to Shutdown after a delay


Forced Restart

Delayed Restart

Set a machine to Restart after a delay

Service Control

Stop, Start and Manage Services

Manage the services running on your servers such as IIS Web Services, Print Spoolers, Exchange Servers, all remotely using ServerControl.

Start, Stop, Pause, Continue or change the startup type of any service.

When stopping a service ServerControl will automatically stop all dependent services.

ServerControl offers exceptional functionality, buy the full version here.