Wireless access to your movies, photos & documents

Stream Movies & Music

FileBrowser has been on the appstore for more than 9 years and is trusted by over a million users worldwide

Add all your FileBrowser connections to the Files app

Open and edit documents from your network.

In-Place Document Editing

Office apps running on a desktop / laptop have always been able to directly access documents on file servers. FileBrowser brings this to iOS.

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Browse & share files

Connect to Windows, Mac, Linux, Time Capsule, network drives, and cloud storage

Whether your files are on your computer or cloud storage, FileBrowser is the best file manager for iOS, supporting multi-file copy and upload/download between all locations, all controlled from your iPad / iPhone.

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Secure access to your documents from anywhere

Get to your documents no matter where you are

Secure access to your documents from anywhere

You don't need to be on your home network to access the documents on your computers. You can access them from anywhere using your iPad / iPhone.

This simple setup using ZeroTier should only take you 5 minutes and will provide secure access.

Simple Setup
Stream Movies & Music

Stream movies & music

No need to sync with iTunes, or run out of disk storage

Read & Edit Documents

Read & Annotate

Open files directly in Word, bookmark or annotate your PDFs

Read and Annotate PDF files and use Microsoft apps to Edit Office documents.

Bookmark your pages within documents for easy access to return to later.

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Browse your photos over WiFi

Photo viewer

Browse your family photos saved on your PC or Mac and watch a slideshow on your TV via AirPlay or Chromecast.

Backup your iPhone / iPad Camera Roll to your PC or Mac, network drives or cloud storage.

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Easily the best app I have found to get to files and to place files where I need them. Overcomes many of the disadvantages of the sandboxed files that iOS uses.

USA App Store - WV26237

5 Stars


At long last I can access files on other laptops and the external hard drive from my iPad and iPhone when connected to home wifi and the HomeHub. Brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you.

UK App Store - TractorGirl327

5 Stars
Siri reminders
Siri icon

Siri reminders

If you are reading a document and want to be reminded to contine when you get home, simply ask Siri - "Hey Siri, remind me of this when I get home".

Portable WiFi drives

Expand your iPhone and iPad's storage capacity, and take your content with you on the go.

FileBrowser connects to many wifi enabled devices and allows you to manage and access the content you store on them, wherever you go on holiday, travelling or in the home or office.

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Portable WiFi drive

Built-in WebDAV server

Browse and copy from device to device

Transfer multiple files and folders between iPads and iPhones wirelessly. Simply start your WebDAV server in FileBrowser and connect to it with another iPhone/iPad running the FileBrowser app.

Copy documents to your iPad/iPhone using your PC or Mac over WiFi

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iPad and iPhone

Getting the most out of your iPad...

With over 1 million users of FileBrowser, it can be used in many scenarios. Here are a few examples...

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FileBrowser Professional Bundle

Upgrade to business by paying the difference

Buy our FileBrowser Professional Bundle for the price of FileBrowser for Business and get FileBrowser for free, allowing you to keep work and personal content separate. If you already own FileBrowser, use the App Store's 'Complete my Bundle' to add 'FileBrowser for Business' by paying the difference.

Upgrade to the Professional bundle on the AppStore Now

Due to a bug in the iOS11 App Store this bundle is sometimes listed at the full price. However after tapping to purchase, the App Store app will show you the correct price, reduced by the amount that you have already paid for apps within the bundle.

Fast, friendly, support

We pride ourselves on the quality of our apps and want you to have the best experience. How many times have you emailed an app developer and received no response? If our support web pages don't resolve your problem, we will do our best to help you via email when you need it to get connected to your Mac, Windows, Network drive or cloud storage.

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A Wonderful Utility

I use this app daily to access documents and media files on my home server via wifi. In this way I have virtually limitless access to data from any of my apple devices. With the help of VLC I can watch all media files on my Apple devices It is simply brilliant.

UK App Store - Gray1946

5 Stars

Amazing App!!

I love this app, it does everything I need it to do. So glad I decided to purchase the paid version, it was worth every cent. I've tried about 12 different file browsers/managers and this is by far the best. Keep up the great work!!!

UK App Store - follow4fun

5 Stars
World Map

FileBrowser is for everyone

Multiple language support

FileBrowser has been professionally translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese, supporting over 1 million users worldwide.


We put significant effort into supporting our visually impaired users and are always delighted to hear how well FileBrowser works with iOS VoiceOver.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.