"FileBrowser will get you started in seconds. And with enough features (like full-support for every iOS file format and most other formats too), it's a solid app to use."

Browse & Share Files

Connect to Computers, Time Capsule, Network drives, and Cloud Storage

Whether your files are on your home network or cloud storage, FileBrowser is the easiest way to access them all, supporting multi-file copy and upload/download between all locations.

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Read & Edit Documents

Bookmark pages within documents for 1-touch access

Read and Annotate PDF files and use Microsoft apps to Edit Office documents.

Use the document picker to open documents held in FileBrowser directly from apps such as Pages and Word

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Stream Movies & Music

No need to Sync

Enjoy movies on demand. Instantly start watching movies on your home network without waiting for them to sync or copy to your iPad or iPhone.

Listen to your entire music collection without having to sync with iTunes.

Stream movies or music to AirPlay™ or Chromecast devices. Stream music in the background whilst watching a photo slideshow or browsing the Internet.

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Browse your Photos without syncing

Watch a slideshow of your photos on your HDTV via AirPlay™ Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast.

Copy photos from the iOS Photo Library to your computer, network drives, or cloud storage.

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Built-in WebDAV Server

Browse and Copy from Device to Device

Use this great new feature to copy multiple files and folders between iPads and iPhones. Simply start your WebDAV server in FileBrowser and connect to it with another iPhone/iPad running FileBrowser.

Copy documents to your iPad/iPhone using your PC or MAC over WiFi

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"Brilliant must have application. The improvements keep making it better.
Love the Chromecast support."

- UK App Store

Portable WiFi Drives

Expand your iPhone and iPad's storage capacity, and take your content with you on the go.

FileBrowser connects to many WiFi enabled devices and allows you to manage the content you store on them and use it wherever you go.

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Fast, Friendly, Support

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our customers and this is a rare thing on the App Store. We are here to help you when you need it.

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See our How-To videos

Learn how to connect, change theme, and stream video in our how to video series.

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FileBrowser has been professionally translated into 7 languages.





Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional


Which Version is for Me?

Compare features to decide which is for you.

Stratospherix develops high quality software for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.
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