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Easy access to documents on your corporate file servers and cloud storage

Easy access to documents on your corporate file servers and cloud storage

Trusted by experts and companies worldwide

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Browse and manage all your files from one app

Browse and manage all your files from one app

Explore your corporate file servers and cloud storage via your iPad/iPhone

Copy and move files & folders from one server to another or upload/download to cloud storage.

Connections include: USB, Windows, Mac, Linux, Time Capsule, Network Drives, SMB3, SMB2, Sharepoint, OneDrive, OneDrive for business, Google Drive, Google Team Drives, Amazon S3, BackBlaze B2, pCloud, Wasabi, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Box, iCloud, WebDAV, FTP, FTPS & SFTP
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Enhance the iOS files app with Network access to your documents
Word App Powerpoint App Excel App PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDKit App

Editing documents made easy

Your changes are saved back to the cloud or server

No more copying files back and forth between app. Browse your documents on servers or in the cloud with FileBrowser and within 2 taps you can be editing your documents in Word (Excel & Powerpoint too). When you exit, all your changes are saved back to the server or cloud.

It's this easy

Enhance the iOS Files app

Open and edit documents from your network directly into other apps

Enhance the iOS files app with Network access to your documents

When using apps such as Pages or Kodex, simply open a new file, select FileBrowser for Business from the file picker and all your server connections and cloud storage will be available to you.

Step by step guide
Extend the iOS Files app

Sync and Backup

sync your iPad files or folders from your PC


Always have the most up to date documents by syncing your files or folders from your PC, Mac or cloud storage to your iPad / iPhone.

Two-way syncing. You can create, modify, remane and delete files and folders in a local Sync Files location and the changes will sync back to the server when you are next online.



Backup entire folders or individual files from your iPad or iPhone to a company server, personal computer or even your cloud storage.

You can even backup from one remote location to another such as Dropbox to OneDrive or from File Server to Cloud.


Never be without your documents no matter where you are

Secure access to your files from anywhere even outside your network.

For corporate environments a VPN is usually available and FileBrowser will seamlessly connect using it, such as: Cisco AnyConnect, Dell Sonicwall and Junos Pulse.

Load up your files from the office while you are out on location or at home using ZeroTier and FileBrowser for Business. ZeroTier's solution is simple, secure and easy to setup.

SMB3 for the most secure connection

Safe and Secure

FileBrowser for Business automatically selects the most secure version of SMB available for your connections, up to SMB3 for Windows10, even connecting to Encrypted Shares on Windows Server 2016 or macOS Server.

No changes are required on your server as all your access permissions are enforced by the server when you log in with your Active Directory password from FileBrowser.

Safe and Secure

Slick App, Great Support

"We are using it to connect to our wireless LAN and via VPN out in the field to allow our users to access certain Windows file shares on a server. It allows us to precisely control what the users can see and do by tweaking the settings and permissions and them locking them in with an admin password. Tech support is the best I've ever seen, hands-down."

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Five star rating

USB Drives

Plug in an external USB drive via an adapter to your iOS13 iPad / iPhone and use the full range of FileBrowser for Business's file management features to organise your files.

Use this feature to with the Apple Camera Connection Kit to backup your photos from an SD card.

SanDisk works with FileBrowser

FileBrowser for Business continues to support your SanDisk iXpand drives via the Lightning connector, or for earlier versions of iOS8 through iOS12.

iXpand USB Drive support

Professional photographer workflow

With Professional Photographers in mind, FileBrowser for Business has the following great features:

  • Raw Image format support
  • XMP sidecar file - Tagging
  • WiFi Drive access
  • Direct SD card access
  • High Quality Image Rendering
Photographer workflow
Professional Photographer Workflow
Bookmark Documents or Folders


One touch navigation

Bookmark your folder locations to make them one tap away. When reading long PDF files, simply bookmark your page and return to it later.

Folder history

FileBrowser automatically remembers the most recently visited files and folders, and with a single tap you can re-open a file or rapidly browse to a folder.

Annotate your PDFs and Images

Make comments, highlight text and use the drawing tools. FileBrowser also offers full support for Apple Pencil to make drawing and writing easier on iPad Pro.

Once you have finished making all your changes you can save all your changes to a new file, without overriding the original.

PDF Annotation
FileBrowser for Business Integrates with leading MDM solutions

MDM integration

Jamf Pro VMWare Airwatch FileWave MobileIron XINCA

Integrates with MDM solutions, providing centralised control and lock-down of all FileBrowser settings.

You can also find us on the MobileIron MarketPlace.

MDM integration

Office 365 integration

Open and edit documents from Office 365, whether your storage is OneDrive for Business or whether your Sharepoint servers are in the cloud or on-premise.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business

"I bought this after using the standard FB for some time because I wanted support for OneDrive for Business. Everything works perfectly and you can copy settings across from the standard FB version. Excellent app!"

UK App Store

Five star rating

QR code and barcode scanning

Create and scan QR Codes. Perfect for bookmarking folder locations.

ERP System Integration. Use barcodes to search folders for a specific job.

QR and barcode scanning
QR Code and Barcode Scanning
Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode

FileBrowser for Business is perfect for your booth at trade shows and conventions or on shop floors where read only access to company documents is required.

Set up your iPads in kiosk mode and FileBrowser for Business will show up-to-date documents from your server. Your corporate brochures, PDFs, Images and Videos are ready at your customers' or employees' fingertips.

FileBrowser's bookmark feature allows you to direct users to the correct folders simply and easily.

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Shortcuts App Icon

Create custom workflows with Shortcuts and FileBrowser for Business

Use the new Shortcuts app to create custom workflows, such as editing photos and creating PDFs.

Create custom workflows

Changed my life

"Today our files are everywhere... We have files on our computers, servers (FTP etc.) and local streaming devices. On iOS we don't have a central storage location (files are stored with each app). This FileBrowser app is a game changer. It is one stop simple convenient way to get at all of your files."

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Five star rating
FileBrowser Professional Bundle

Get both great apps for the price of one

Buy our FileBrowser Professional Bundle for the price of FileBrowser for Business and get FileBrowser for free, allowing you to keep work and personal content separate.

If you already own FileBrowser, use the App Store's 'Complete my Bundle' to add 'FileBrowser for Business' by paying the difference.

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FileBrowser for Business offers exceptional features to access your business documents.
Volume Purchases: Are available from Apple's Volume Purchase Program