How to Download Files from the Internet Directly to your Computer Using your iPad / iPhone

Follow our Simple Guide Download Files from Safari on your iPad to Any Remote Location

Step 1

Using Safari, FireFox or Chrome on your iPad or iPhone find the link (URL) you want to download from.

Step 2

Press and hold the link you want to download, and select "Copy" from this menu.

Step 3

Using FileBrowser go to the folder you want to copy the file to (in this case I will download it straight to my iMac in a Documents folder) tap the actions menu then tap "Download from URL".

Step 4

The URL should automatically be pasted into the edit field. Then tap "Download".

Step 5

And that's it. Your file has now been downloaded straight to your computer.

Download files directly to your computer from the internet with a free trial of FileBrowserGO

Estimated Time: 1 minutes