Bulk renaming tools for your iPad

iPad / iPhone Bulk Rename Tools

Like all feature requests, when we were asked for bulk/batch rename we wanted to give you the tools for the job that give you power and flexibility on iOS.

Renaming hundreds of files at once on your Computer or in the Cloud using your iPad or iPhone has never been easier.

Let's show you how to rename multiple files on your iPad or iPhone using Filebrowser's Bulk rename tools.

Add Text

You can add text to the beginning or the end of all the files you selected. For example "Presentation_Filename.pdf" or "Filename_Presentation.pdf".

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Find and Replace

Find and replace words within your file names. For example you could bulk rename all ".jpeg" files to ".jpg" files or replace "IMG_" as the prefix for all your files and change it to "DSC_".

This method would preserve existing image numbers in the filename.


Add an Index, a Counter or a Date before or after your existing filenames by leaving the Custom Format box empty. For example:

  • "IMG_0.jpg" Index
  • "IMG_0000.jpg" Counter
  • "IMG_2018-09-27 at 15.46.36.jpg" Date

If you use the Custom Format box, existing file names will be replaced with the text. For example if you want to rename all your photos that were previously something like this:

  • "IMG_0156.JPG"
  • "_DSC0267543.JPG"
  • "Family_Holiday_9342.JPG"

You can rename them all to be "Holiday_(date).JPG", replacing any names they previously had.


Add EXIF meta data to your filenames. For example:

  • "OriginalName-Model.jpg"
  • "IMG_FocalLength-ExposureTime-DDMMYYYY.jpg"

EXIF renaming is only available in FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowserGO

Estimated Time: 1 minutes

Note: Photos in the iOS Photo Library cannot be renamed due to an iOS limitation.

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  • Can I rename photos with the date they were taken in bulk on iOS?

    Yes, choose Format/Name and Date on the rename dialog (and also 'Use EXIF dates' if you are using FileBrowser Professional or FileBrowserGO). Select to add the date before or after the filename or customise using the EXIF data mode. Due to an iOS limitation photos cannot be renamed in the iOS camera roll.
    Only available in FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowserGO.

  • Can I find and replace text in filenames using my iPad?

    Yes, use FileBrowser's bulk rename tools by selecting multiple files, then choose Rename and enter the text you wish to find and what you want to replace it with.

  • Can I batch rename documents adding a counter or index to the filename on iOS?

    Yes, use FileBrowser's powerful bulk rename options to add a counter or index to the start or end of your filenames.

  • Can I add EXIF data to filenames in bulk using my iPad or iPhone?

    Yes, simply use FileBrowser Professional or FileBrowserGO's batch rename tools and select the EXIF information you want to include in the filename such as Make, Model, FNumber, or dates etc.

  • Can I add text to filenames in bulk using iPad / iPhone?

    Yes, easily add text to the beginning or end of your filenames in bulk using FileBrowser's powerful rename options. Available now on the AppStore.

  • Can I bulk rename files using my iPad / iPhone?

    Yes, use FileBrowser's bulk rename tools to rename, find and replace, add dates, counters or even EXIF information to your files in bulk.
    (EXIF information is only available in FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowserGO).
    Try a free trial of FileBrowser.

  • Can I rename files on iOS using EXIF properties?

    Yes, FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowserGO can both use EXIF properties in photos to form new file names. Choose Format mode with EXIF Data and select any listed property like ISO or Exposure Time.

  • Can I save configurations for renaming files in bulk for later use?

    Yes, using our Custom Task builder which is available in FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowserGO.