Rename Photos with EXIF Data on iOS

Professional Photographers Advanced Rename Tools on iPad / iPhone

Rename Photos with EXIF Data Using iOS Finally a way to rename your photos in bulk on iOS. Add any EXIF property to your filenames all at once such as date, make, model or ISO with FileBrowser Professional's advanced bulk rename features on iPad / iPhone. Designed for professional photographers.

Step 1

Navigate to your photo folder using FileBrowser Professional, which could be on a USB drive, your computer or your cloud storage.

Please note you cannot rename the photos in the iPad/iPhone Camera Roll.

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Step 2

Tap and hold to enter multi select mode and select all the photos you want to rename. Once all your files are selected tap the context menu in the bottom left corner and select “Rename”.

Step 3

Then select “Format” in the Dialog that appears. Let’s add the Make and Model of the camera to the filenames for this example. First change the “Format Mode” to “EXIF Data”.

Step 4

Delete the text in the “Format” input and then tap “OriginalName” type a hyphen and add another such as “Make” then “Model” your input should look like the following “OriginalName-Make-Model”.

You can add any combination of EXIF properties to the file name simply select them from the list of tags.

You will see an example of the filenames shown at the bottom of the dialog. Tap the “Rename (X) items” button and that's it.

Estimated Time: 1 minutes
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  • Can I add EXIF data to filenames in bulk using my iPad or iPhone?

    Yes, simply use FileBrowser Professional or FileBrowserGO's batch rename tools and select the EXIF information you want to include in the filename such as Make, Model, FNumber, or dates etc.

  • Can I rename files on iOS using EXIF properties?

    Yes, FileBrowser Professional and FileBrowserGO can both use EXIF properties in photos to form new file names. Choose Format mode with EXIF Data and select any listed property like ISO or Exposure Time.