FileBrowser for Business renamed to FileBrowser Professional

FileBrowser for Business renamed

FileBrowser for Business has now become FileBrowser Professional! This app has many features that make it ideal for businesses small and large, but over the years we have extended it to support users like professional photographers, those with complex IT setups and power users for whom FileBrowser has become a one-stop app for a huge number of tasks.

With great features such as creating Sync and Backup tasks to and from an iPad or iPhone, XMP tagging images ready for Adobe Lightroom and a fully featured multi page document scanner, FileBrowser Pro can replace other apps and give you more streamlined workflows.

FileBrowser Professional remains a solid choice for businesses and corporations with its MDM features allowing it to be deployed and configured across your entire company. With enhanced security and access to Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 as well as many other additional connection types.

Kiosk Mode allows a device to be locked to one app with access to a limited set of folders or content of your choice. Great for conventions, showrooms or even galleries.

Create QR codes that link to specific folder locations, scan barcodes that link to specific folders or files and use FileBrowser Professional with your existing ERP system.

You'll notice the new name in version 20.17 of the app. There's a new icon, and more icon choices in the app so you can make it your own.

FileBrowser Professional remains an app for businesses and professionals alike, and we have more updates in the pipeline!