Sync documents to your iPad

Sync Files to your iPad / iPhone from your Computer or Cloud Storage

Create automatic sync tasks and always have the latest documents at your fingertips

Easily sync documents from the cloud or your computer to your iPad or iPhone, so you always have the latest file, no matter what device you are on with FileBrowser Pro FileBrowserGo or Enterprise Files.

Keep your sales teams up to date with the latest brochures and price sheets. Comply with HR and safety policies by automatically distributing documents. Enforce these policies via your MDM system.

How to Create Sync Tasks on your iPad or iPhone

Always have your documents, photos, music, or videos available whether you are online or not. Sync entire folders or individual documents from your cloud storage or your computer to your iPad / iPhone.

  • Choose which files or folders you want to Sync.
  • View and Edit local copies when offline.

To Sync a document folder on iPhone or iPad follow these steps:

Choose a Folder to Sync

How Often would you like to Sync this Folder?

  • Set your Sync Frequency to how often you want the Sync Task to update your local files. Ensure that Auto Background Sync is turned on for this.
  • Tap "Confirm".
  • This folder will download its contents to your iPad under the new heading 'Sync Files'.

You may create as many Sync Tasks for folders or individual files to your iPhone / iPad as you wish.

Folder sync locations may be configured and deployed via MDM. Requires FileBrowser Professional or EnterpriseFiles.

Bi-directional Sync

Offline synced documents are not just for viewing! Synced documents can also be edited while offline and the changes synced back when you next connect.

Estimated Time: 1 minutes
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