Review - Filebrowser Pro for Mac for me is by far and away the best file manager

Probably the Best Filemanager

Wed, 14 Sep 2022 11:20:59 GMT
StevieW-pt - AppStore UK

5 Stars - Probably the Best Filemanager

I have been a long time user of this App and decided to take a good long look at the competition to see if there was anything better. Doing so made me realise just how good Filebrowser is. Its features are, in my opinion, simply the best. You can access the Apple photo folder from within Filebrowser without having to open the Photos App. You get folder sync which is incredible fast and very reliable. You can add favourite locations within iCloud which is great as well as bookmarks. Being able to rename a favourite is really useful when a folder is nested deep within a folder structure. Plus you can drag and drop favourites into any order you want. Having looked at many similar Apps all I can say is the Filebrowser for me is by far and away the best file manager I have found and I can highly recommend it.

FileBrowser Pro for Mac is available for download on the Mac AppStore.

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