Seamless IT Integration

Integrates with Existing Infrastructure

  • FileBrowser integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, so you don't need to install any additional software on your file servers.
  • FileBrowser users log in with Active Directory usernames and passwords, so there's no extra setup and your existing security controls are preserved.
  • Distributed File System (DFS) support is built in to FileBrowser, so you can organise enterprise-wide folder hierarchies, presenting your data in the most appropriate logical structure, hiding the actual location of the data from end users.
  • Windows Clusters are fully supported allowing you to access fault tolerant data storage.

Deployment and Configuration Management

  • Configure 'FileBrowser Professional' via settings files.
    Configuration files
  • Provision file server connection details.
  • Provision bookmarks to commonly-used network folders.
  • Lock down FileBrowser's features to comply with your corporate security policies and to minimise the risk of data leakage.
  • Permit or prohibit new connections to each of FileBrowser's supported storage types.
  • Reduce helpdesk calls by preventing users from modifying system settings.
  • Distribute settings via Apple's Configurator, from an Intranet web site, or via email to each user.
  • If you have a MDM solution, configuration management may be controlled centrally.
    MDM Solutions

Secure Storage

  • User credentials are stored in iOS Keychain.
  • Local files (including temporary files) may be silently encrypted using iOS FIPS 140-2 certified hardware encryption.
  • All temporary files can be purged when the app is closed.