How to Chromecast or Airplay a Movie from a Computer or your Cloud Storage to your TV

Stream movies files straight from your computer to your TV using your iPad / iPhone and Chromecast or AirPlay with FileBrowser.
Let me show you how:

Step 1

Using FileBrowser on your iPad or iPhone connect to your machine and find your movie file and tap it to play.

Step 2

Now that the movie is playing you can see the Chromecast or Airplay icon in the bottom right corner, tap this.

Step 3

Now you get to choose which device to Chromecast or Airplay to.

Step 4

When it has connected the Chromecast or Airplay icon will turn blue.

Step 5

And that's it, you can control the playback of the video using the controls in FileBrowser.

Estimated Time: 1 minutes