Bulk Rename Files Using your iPad or iPhone

Bulk rename hundreds of files using your iPad or iPhone, our bulk rename utility in FileBrowser has lots of rename options you can: Find and replace text in filenames. Add additional text to your filenames either at the beginning or at the end of a filename. Custom Formats you can add counters, indexes or even dates to all the files selected. Great if you want to rename all your images and add the date and time after each one, something like _DSC3000-12-02-21_07:32.NEF you can change the date format to be anything you like with our custom format options. Or if you want to add a client name to the selected files something like (filename)_Accordia.pdf, you can batch rename hundreds of files in bulk with ease. FileBrowser can connect to your cloud storage or computers so renaming remote files in bulk is a breeze. FileBrowser, the file management app for your iPad / iPhone.

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