The Files App for your Apple TV

View photos, read PDFs and Comics, watch movies and listen to your music files using your Apple TV. Simply scan your WiFi Network and connect with ease to your computer or network media drive with our FileBrowserTV files app.

Download the free trial on the Apple TV store

File Browser TV can scan your network for your Mac, PC or Network Drives. Simply connect, browse folders, and start streaming your favorite movies and photos to your Apple TV. Set your favorite locations by bookmarking them for one-touch access. For example, Movies, Action, Comedy, Family Photos, Holidays, Weddings and Events. Great if you have a large movie collection or if you just have family movies stored on your computer or network drives. View your family photos without all having to crowd around a PC or laptop. Now you can view them directly on your Apple TV.

Slideshow your images beautifully with different image transitions with preset delays and background music streamed from your music collection.

PDF Document Viewer for Apple TV

Easily read PDFs using your Apple TV. Our PDF reader includes a page index view for rapid navigation and zoom and pan controls.

View your comics collection stored in CBR or CBZ files. View images within any ZIP or RAR file. Zoom in and pan to view the artwork or panels of your comics, or use the page index to quickly navigate.