FileBrowserTV User Guide

Scan for Computers on your WiFi using Apple TV

Connect to a Computer via WiFi

From the homescreen, click the computer with the plus icon. This will automatically scan your WiFi network and detect any computers available. Simply follow the setup wizard.

If you are still struggling to connect see our more detailed guides for Mac, Windows PC and TimeCapsule.

Browsing Folders

Select the machine and browse your shared folders over WiFi.

Add Favorites

If you want to add a favorite folder to your home screen for quick access, browse inside the folder you want to add and click the heart icon on the left. You can name your favorite if you want.

To Remove a favorite from the home screen, click the settings icon and select "Edit (Favorite Name)". From here you can rename or delete it.

Browse your computer files using Apple TV
Lock access to folders from Apple TV

Password Protection

You can lock your machine locations after adding them to FileBrowser TV with a 4 digit passcode.

From the homescreen simply tap the settings icon and select "Edit (location name)". Select Parental Lock to choose a 4 digit code.

Image Viewing

To view an image simply click it. When viewing an image a single click will zoom in. To zoom out, press the Menu button. Press the Menu button a second time to exit the image viewer.

Double click an image to see the image info stripe with its name, date and file size.

Viewing images with FileBrowser TV
Change FileBrowser TV slideshow settings


To start a Slideshow, press and hold an image file. If you want to change the Slideshow settings, choose from shuffle, delay and transition type. You can also choose whether to include videos in your Slideshows. To add music to Slideshows see the music playing section below.


Jump to a Chapter

When playing a video, pull down to open the chapter menu and select a chapter.

Supported Formats

FileBrowserTV supports the following movie formats: mov, m4v, mp4.

Playing video files with FileBrowserTV

Change Subtitles

If you have subtitles embedded in your movie file, simply click the speech bubble icon to select them.

Changing or adding subtitle files with FileBrowser TV If you don’t have subtitles you can download .srt files, place them in the same folder as the movie file and rename them to match the movie file name. For example “My Movie.mp4” and “My”.

Change Language

When playing the movie file, click the speaker icon. If the movie file has more than one audio / language track you can change that here.

Selecting language options on video files on Apple TV

PDF Viewing

Simply click a PDF to view it. Swipe left and right to go to the next or previous page.

To zoom in use the pinch to zoom gesture or a single click. To Zoom out click the Menu button.

If you double click the page you can preview the page index. Select any page in the index to go straight to it.

Reading PDFs on your Apple TV with FileBrowser TV
Easily Read Comic Files on Apple TV

ComicBook Files

Read comic book CBR and CBZ files on your TV. Click a comic book file to view it and swipe left and right to turn the pages.

To zoom in use the pinch to zoom gesture or a single click. To Zoom out click the Menu button.

If you double click the page you can preview the the pages in your comic. Select any thumbnail to go straight to that page.

Music Playing

Play music in FileBrowser TV! Browse to a folder with music files and click one to play it. If you have a music file already playing then the track will be added to the end of the music queue.

Queue a whole album by using a long click on the first music track. The remaining tracks will all be queued for playback.

The number of queued music tracks is displayed on the Slideshows icon on the left.

Play music files from your computer to your AppeTV
Queue music files to play on Apple TV

View the queued music, click the Slideshow icon on the left. Play and pause your queued music using the play pause button.

Add Music to Slideshows

To add music to Slideshows first queue the music and then browse to the image folder. When you start the slideshow your queued music will begin playing automatically.

View Modes and Sort

Click the Sort icon on the left to easily switch from grid view to list view. Change the sort order to name, date or size. You can also increase the font size for the app.

View files in gridview on your Apple TV
View files in listview on your Apple TV

Set a Folder Image

You can set a folder image by placing an image, either a jpg or png file, next the folder itself. Use the same name as the folder. For example, for “My Photo Library” add an image called “My Photo Library.jpg”.

The image file is not displayed as a seperate entry in FilebrowserTV if used this way.
How to set folder images on Apple TV

Light and Dark Theme

FileBrowserTV changes from light to dark depending your Apple TV settings. Go to your Apple TV home screen and click Settings > General > Appearance where you can change from light to dark mode.