Connecting to Windows

Enable File Sharing

  • Launch Control Panel.
    (At the tiles screen type 'Control Panel'.)
  • Under "Network and Internet" click "View network status and tasks".
  • On the left hand side, click the link "Change advanced sharing settings".
  • Select the options in the screenshot.
  • We recommend using password protected sharing, but if you don't want to use a password in FileBrowser TV then set password protected sharing to "off".
  • Click "Save changes".
  • The user name and password you enter into FileBrowser TV is your Windows account name. This might be a hotmail or other Microsoft email address, or it could be your first name.
Screenshot 1

Share a Folder

In Windows Explorer (on the Windows Desktop or type "File Explorer" at the tiles screen).

Right-click a folder and choose "Properties".

In the Properties window select the "Sharing" tab.

Click the "Advanced Sharing..." button.

Tick "Share this folder" and then click OK.

Screenshot 2

Available on the Apple TV App Store

Search for 'filebrowser'.