Introducing Custom Tasks

Create Automated File Tasks from your iPad

Create Automated File Tasks from your iPad

Custom Tasks are for iOS power users. Build simple or complex file commands and run them on any folder on your servers or in the cloud. FileBrowserGO's step by step Custom Task builder which provides you with the building blocks to create your own file based workflows.

How do FileBrowserGO's Custom Tasks work?

locate a folder

Navigate to a folder location from within FileBrowserGO

filter files on ipad

Filter the number of files returned to just the subset of files you want, using names, dates, sizes or types.

You can add multiple filters for example: A Document, containing the word "Invoice" in the filename, older than 2019 but larger than 2MB.
create file actions with custom tasks on ipad

Perform actions on those files, copy, delete, rename them in bulk using a custom naming format.

You can add multiple copy or move steps.
Search and replace text in filenames, add text or dates to filenames.
set your tasks to manual or automated

Run your task manually or set it to automated.

create as many steps in the task builder as you like

And thats just the beginning...

Custom Tasks can be as simple as create and schedule Backup Tasks to multiple locations, see an example of that here, or a more complex Custom Task such as monitoring a specific folder for pdf documents that include the word "invoice" in the filename. Then copy any new pdfs that appear in that folder to your iPad every hour, see example.

See how FileBrowserGO's Custom Tasks could speed up your workflow, see our series of step by step tutorials showing you how to harness the power of Custom Tasks.

We can't wait to see what workflows you create with Custom Tasks.

choose a folder for your task

Select Folder

select a folder with custom tasks
filter the files to just pdfs

Filter ONLY pdf's

speed up your iPad workflow with custom tasks
add the date to all files selected

Rename, add the created by date to the filename

Example: Filename-12-12-2019. You can customize the date format.
build custom file workflows on ipad
copy files to GDrive

Copy to GDrive

automated file actions from your ipad
Also copy files to iMac

Copy to Mac

create automated file tasks from your iPad
scheldule this task to run every 12 hrs

Schedule Run this Task automatically every 12 hrs

create as many steps as needed to build your task
Backup photos to 2 locations from your iPad
Backup Photos from USB to 2 sources
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Download PDFs in a folder that have been added in the last 7 days
Download PDFs from the last 7 days
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Monitor a folder for a keyword and create a task to download them hourly to your iPad
Monitor a folder for a keyword and download them hourly
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create a custom task to create a set of folders and move files
Create nested folders and move documents into the specific folders
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See a full list of actions you can use to create your Custom Tasks.