Filebase, Digital Ocean, iDrive Cloud and Wasabi connections added to FileBrowserGO and Professional

Connect to all your Wasabi, Filebase, Digital Ocean and iDrive Cloud drives with one app

With our latest update we have added even more connection types to FileBrowserGo and FileBrowser Professional. These new connections include Filebase blockchain powered storage backed by both Sia and Storj and the S3 compatible services Digital Ocean, iDrive Cloud and Wasabi. Easily select these from the "Add Location" Wizard in FileBrowser to start browsing your online storage. Available now in version 20.25 for iOS and coming soon in FileBrowser Professional for Mac.

Connect to your Wasabi drive with FileBrowserGO

Wasabi S3

Connect to your Filebase S3 storage drive with FileBrowserGO

Filebase S3

Connect to your iDrive Cloud S3 storage with FileBrowserGO

iDrive Cloud S3

Connect to your DigitalOcean drive with FileBrowserGO