Download PDFs from the last 7 days to your iPad

Select a Folder and run this task to copy all the PDFs created in the last 7 days and download them to your iPad with FileBrowser Custom Tasks.

First give your task a name like "Download PDFs last 7 Days"

Use files from...

selection when task is run

This will run the task on the files and folders selected from within FileBrowser.

including files/folders...

files in subfolders

Select "files in subfolders" to show all files in all folders.
This allows us to find and filter for PDF files in the next step.

with names matching text...


at end

case insensitive

We can now limit our selection to PDF files only.

including files modified...


1 Jan 2022

Only include files modified after 1 Jan 2022.

copy to...

"On My iPad/PDFs"

ignore source folders

Copy the PDFs matching your date requirements to your "On My iPad/PDFs" folder, ignoring any folders the original files were in.
You will see a list of files with plus icons next to them, these are the files that will be copied.

Run Task


Start Task

Just click Close once you have created the task.
Locate the folder with your PDFs and select folders and files, then tap the plus icon in the bottom left and choose:
"Run Task"
Then select your new task "Download PDFs last 7 Days" from the list presented.

Estimated Time: 5 minutes
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See our help section on Custom Tasks.