Review - FileBrowser Professional is everything that

An Absolute Must for iPad Pro / Business Users

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 11:20:59 GMT
David_D_RI - AppStore US

5 Stars - An Absolute Must for iPad Pro / Business Users

FileBrowser Professional is everything that's missing plus a whole lot more when it comes to accessing files on servers, and doing all the basics like copying/moving files, up/downloading, editing text files, creating text files and folders - plus a whole lot more. The fact that it connects instantly and perfectly to servers and cloud services and allows such tremendous interoperability among all of them makes it the all-time MUST HAVE app if you routinely access/create/edit/copy/move files around on cloud and network servers. It lets you do everything even easier than on a PC or Mac connected to your external storage. It's just great from the look and feel to the functionality and reliability. Hats off to this app and to the team behind it.

FileBrowser Professional is available for download on the iOS AppStore.

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