FileBrowser Professional Update 20.10

Thu, 20 Aug 2020 11:20:59 GMT

This update adds a few new requested features and fixes a few issues.

  • Multi-USB drive support. Connect multiple drives at a time.
  • pCloud sign-in now supports two-factor authentication.
  • Added support for Google Shortcuts for files & folders.
  • Thanks to Frank ( for working with us to refine Batch Rename. Improvements include storing last-used settings, support for renaming burst photos, and user-configurable date formats for filenames.
  • Fixed an issue with Backup sync tasks that could leave a target file partially uploaded in the case of a network disconnection.
  • Fixed a crash when tapping to change the default streaming app.
  • Fixed Resume Browsing on iOS 12 and earlier.

Thank you for helping to make our apps better.

Unlike other file manager apps, we never gather any of your data.

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