FileBrowser Professional Update 20.17

Mon, 8 Mar 2021 11:20:59 GMT

FileBrowser for Business is now FileBrowser Professional.

We have also included the following improvements and fixes.

  • Added Clear History option to history list.
  • Added support for viewing multi-page TIFF documents.
  • Added Pending Uploads indicator to tab bar.
  • Added Voice Shortcut to trigger Sync All.
  • Improved SFTP connector transfer speeds.
  • Improved VoiceOver when selecting files in a folder.
  • Fixed Edit In Place not uploading documents to some SMB NAS drives.
  • Fixed Files App integration for SMB servers that has a share and path in their config.
  • Fixed Folder Info view when in Gallery mode.
  • Fixed USB Drive location needing to be re-linked unnecessarrily.
  • Fixed failure to create ZIP file on OneDrive.

Thank you for helping to make our apps better.

Unlike other file manager apps, we never gather any of your data.

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