FileBrowser Professional Update 20.30

Thu, 18 Nov 2021 11:20:59 GMT

Here's another update with some new features and a number of improvements and fixes for issues reported by you.

  • Select your own frame for video thumbnail.
  • Added an option to create borderless PDFs.
  • Auto-hide sidebar when viewing an image.
  • Advance warning of name collisions when renaming.
  • Improved Share Extension for iOS screenshots.
  • Improved bluetooth hearing aid support.
  • Improved video playback from network folders.
  • Improved document reader toolbar.
  • Improved icon generation in the Files App.
  • Improved Slideshows icon.
  • Improved Sync Task icons.
  • Improved error messages for split-screen drag/drop.
  • Increased font size on home screen.
  • Fixed a touch dead-zone in the folder view.

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