FileBrowser Professional Update 20.31

Thu, 9 Dec 2021 11:20:59 GMT

Here's another update with some new features and a number of improvements and fixes for issues reported by you.

  • Connections can now be selected for external WebDAV access.
  • MDM systems can now delete Server entries, Sync Tasks & Bookmarks.
  • Closing a saved text document no longer asks to save again.
  • Improved audio control from the lock screen.
  • Improved wording on Sync Files task settings page.
  • Improved thumbnail generation for ePub files.
  • Improved location config screen help.
  • Improved transitions between videos when swiping.
  • Icons for Edit-In-Place are now always shown, regardless of folder zoom level.
  • Fixed the sidebar closing when the app is closed.
  • Fixed moving Live Photo stills and video out of the Photo Library
  • Fixed Bookmark popup title bar being transparent on iOS 15.
  • Fixed issues with text-scanning when editing text files.
  • Fixed a hang on launch.

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