Review - It simply delivers


Sat, 10 Apr 2021 11:20:59 GMT
ThomasFar - AppStore - Ireland

5 Stars - Excellent

There are many apps which promise much and deliver little and are deleted within a few minutes in some cases. This brilliant app is not one of those. It simply delivers an excellent user interface and most importantly user experience and has allowed me to rediscover all of my CD collection after years of neglect. Buying this app has prompted me to take the final step in dispensing with physical CDs. I could go on but enough said. Get the app. Ps For those that might say why not use iTunes, the answer is that iTunes on my iPad drove me crazy with random reorganisation of tracks, missing tracks etc. I was not willing to invest time is a sub-standard app.

MusicStreamer is available for download on the iOS AppStore.

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