How to connect to Linux/Unix running Samba with your iPad or iPhone

The following tips will help you connect to your Linux or Unix machine.

  • Linux and Samba Versions

    • Which distributions work?

      We have successfully connected to most modern Linux distributions.

    • Early Samba versions

      Samba is the Windows File Sharing module that Linux uses. We know that FileBrowser cannot currently connect to very old versions of this module. We have tested a variety of versions from Samba versions 3.0.10.

      You can find out the Samba version by running the command smbd -V from a terminal window.

  • Setting up a Connection

    • FileBrowser Computer Name Field

      To start, try using the IP address of your Linux machine in FileBrowser. When that works, try using the machine name instead.

    • Finding the IP Address

      There is usually a network setup tool that will show your current IP address but if you can't find it, you can start a terminal and run ifconfig. The IP address will be listed as something like inet

    • NetBIOS Setting

      Depending on how your Samba is configured, you may need to enable this app setting. Try it first without NetBIOS enabled and then with.

  • Connection Errors

    • User name and password

      If FileBrowser reports the error 'Unknown user or password' and you are sure that these details are correct, this is an indication that the Samba version is too old for FileBrowser to connect to.

    • Firewall

      A 'Timed out connecting' error from Filebrowser usually indicates that a firewall is blocking the network packets from app, preventing Samba from seeing them. You need to configure it to allow "Windows File and Printer Sharing" or TCP Port 445.

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