Connect to a NAS Drive (Network Attached Storage) Using your iOS Device

Use FileBrowser's connection wizard, tap the "+" on the HomeScreen and select "Computer/Network Drive" if your NAS doesnt appear try the steps below:

The following tips will help you connect to your NAS device.

  • Can FileBrowser connect to my NAS?

    • The SMB File Sharing Protocol

      Most NAS units contain a cut-down version of Linux inside that uses software called 'Samba' to provide the file sharing protocol. Early versions of this software are quite buggy and FileBrowser works around these, but not all versions can be connected to yet.

      We recommend that you try our free app FileBrowserGO to test if it will connect to your NAS drive. If it does, FileBrowser should also be able to connect.

    • Will mine work?

      There are too many kinds of NAS unit for us to test, but here is a list of those we've seen working:

      • Buffalo LinkStation
      • Buffalo Terrastation
      • DLink DNS-323
      • DroboShare (FileBrowser's Compatibility Mode switch needs to be ON)
      • FreeNAS
      • Lacie 2Big NAS
      • NetApp Filer
      • NetCenter
      • ReadyNAS
      • Simpleshare NAS
      • Western Digital MyBook World
      • Western Digital wBook

  • Compatibility Mode Setting

    • Some NAS units require this setting to be switched on before you can log in. If FileBrowser reports 'Unknown User or Password' when you know these are correct, this is an indicator that you need to try Compatibility Mode.

  • Setting up a Connection

    • FileBrowser's Computer Name field

      To start, try using the IP address of your NAS machine in FileBrowser. When that works, try using the device name instead.

    • Finding the IP Address

      This is usually shown on the status page of your NAS when you connect your browser to it.

    • NetBIOS Setting

      Depending on how your NAS is configured, you may need to enable this app setting. Try it first without NetBIOS enabled and then with.

  • Connection Errors

    • User name and password

      If FileBrowser reports the error 'Unknown user or password' and you are sure that these details are correct, this is an indication that the NAS Samba version is too old for FileBrowser to connect to.

    • Firewall

      A 'Timed out connecting' error from FileBrowser usually indicates that a firewall is blocking the network packets from app, preventing the NAS from seeing them. You need to configure it to allow "Windows File and Printer Sharing" or TCP Port 445.

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