Time Capsule Trouble Shooting

The information on this page applies to Time Capsule, Airport Express and Airport Extreme devices.

Before checking the Troubleshooting list below, please have a look at our 'Getting Started with Time Capsule' guide to check that it is configured correctly and that the correct information is entered into FileBrowser.


  • Please do not enable NetBIOS in FileBrowser (in the machine settings) when connecting to Time Capsule. If you have tried connecting with NetBIOS enabled, your Time Capsule will require rebooting before it will start working again. This appears to be a bug in Time Capsule's implementation of NetBIOS.
  • Some users have reported that after configuring FileBrowser correctly they have failed to connect. If this happens, restart FileBrowser and the Time Capsule seems to fix the issue.
  • The Time Capsule NAS is not accessible from the Guest WiFi network.
  • If you are not using Time Capsule as a NAS and only using it as a router, you will need to disable File Sharing if you wish to port-forward TCP Port 445 for SMB, otherwise this will conflict with the TimeCapsule's use of it.
  • Time Capsule stores Time Machine backup files separately to the shared folders. You will not be able to browse Time Machine backups with FileBrowser.
  • For External hard drives attached to an AirPort Express, Apple only seem to support FAT32 format or Mac OS Extended.
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